Quo Vadis?

Anselm Kiefer, sculpture

We could not see the top of this wall –
but now that we’ve scaled it, what lies before?
A dream of tomorrow? A promise of now?
The moment is furrowed on destiny’s brow.
No sureness of footing, yet held for the fall;
the wall is beneath us – what now?

Damascus Road Prayers: Ramsho (Evening Prayer)


This day are opened, our mouths to give thanks. They who opened the breaches, have opened my sons’ mouths.
(St Ephraim the Syrian, The Nisibene Hymns)

The night begins our day; we raise
our open mouths to praise.
The sky
falls in orange sleep, but wait
expectant of the dawn.
The gates are breached; the night is deep.
The wall is broken so we reach.
You took our king to make us kneel
and rent the sky to make us gape.
The night begins the day; we raise
our gaping mouths to pray.