Damascus Road: Midday

Indeed, my friends, let us not forget in our wakefulness… (Saint Ephraim the Syrian, Hymns of the Nativity) Do I assume this peace? Some peasants once, I am told, when they had had enough of false liberty, took cobblestones and made them missiles. And men of another age were warned that their panelled houses couldContinue reading “Damascus Road: Midday”

Damascus Road Prayers: Saphro (Morning Prayer)

When you are able, bend your knees, when you cannot, make intercession in your mind, ‘at evening and at morning and at midday’. (St Ephraim the Syrian) From the rising of the sun – whatever morning reveals – to the setting of the same – You remain. What ruins lie at our feet – whateverContinue reading “Damascus Road Prayers: Saphro (Morning Prayer)”

Damascus Road Prayers: Sootoro (Prayer before retiring to bed)

While my body silent lies,  May Thy power keep vigil;  Let my sleep in Thy presence Be like the rising incense. (St Ephraim the Syrian). What can we offer? The day is proud in its confidence; night is helpless. If they come, our shelters are weak, our bags packed, our feet ready – yet theContinue reading “Damascus Road Prayers: Sootoro (Prayer before retiring to bed)”

Damascus Road Prayers: Ramsho (Evening Prayer)

This day are opened, our mouths to give thanks. They who opened the breaches, have opened my sons’ mouths. (St Ephraim the Syrian, The Nisibene Hymns) The night begins our day; we raise our open mouths to praise. The sky falls in orange sleep, but wait expectant of the dawn. The gates are breached; theContinue reading “Damascus Road Prayers: Ramsho (Evening Prayer)”

Damascus Road Prayers: Prologue

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, one true God. Glory be to Him; and may His grace and mercy be upon us for ever. Amen. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, by whose glory, the heaven and the earth are filled; Hosanna in the highest.  BlessedContinue reading “Damascus Road Prayers: Prologue”