Compline: After Christian Wiman

Man is what he is and he is everything that he is in the decision of faith Karl Barth And faith, or belief, is moredirection than assentto a thought or a fact; it ismovement towards the thing from which others turn,and from which you may have turned,will have turned,for hole-hearted love is never whole-hearted,and yetyouContinue reading “Compline: After Christian Wiman”

Vespers: After Louise Glück

Once I believed in You,still do,though belief is often evasive, often abstract,like air, which itself defies graspyet needy lungs clutch at it with the certaintythat this, this alone they must have.And I believe likethe fig tree believes in the soil,sometimes wilted, sometimes refusing fruit,always held, always known to the roots.And at the vesper light, Ibelieve,Continue reading “Vespers: After Louise Glück”

Streets to Live In (Glenroy Lent #4)

For now, where do we live? These streets are made for walking: quiet, reflective, built atop a hill where the cityscape sinks beneath a thoughtful gaze. No walls to be broken, no walls to repair; watered gardens greet the roaming eye, and here an expectant couple waits at the edge of the evening street. FruitContinue reading “Streets to Live In (Glenroy Lent #4)”

Damascus Road Prayers: Sootoro (Prayer before retiring to bed)

While my body silent lies,  May Thy power keep vigil;  Let my sleep in Thy presence Be like the rising incense. (St Ephraim the Syrian). What can we offer? The day is proud in its confidence; night is helpless. If they come, our shelters are weak, our bags packed, our feet ready – yet theContinue reading “Damascus Road Prayers: Sootoro (Prayer before retiring to bed)”

Big Sky

Charcoal smudge and ochre-stained cotton buds line the open eye scanning ghost grey and brown wrinkled skin. Smile. Hopeful tears explode; white tears evaporate in the silence of the day; in every way the earth whispers retreat into evening grace. Wide ground opens arms as far as sight can be. Trust gathers memories. Hand-in-hand wanderContinue reading “Big Sky”

Evening Prayer

The leaves whistle change; no longer burning, the air sings a softer tune, and I wander in the evening street attuned to change, yet stuck within the day’s exhaustion, mind empty, spirit vacant. I lift my arms to walk, to pray, the day ahead uncertain, silent – cooler, but still not within my arms’ reach.Continue reading “Evening Prayer”