Avenue (Glenroy Lent #6)

What a discrepancy between the joyful winging of birds and the fear in men and women… (Jean Vanier, The Broken Body) And how one cricket starts a neighbourhood symphony in the grass of our roaming near the concrete of our homing in these streets and these footpaths at a Friday-pink dusk while the street inContinue reading “Avenue (Glenroy Lent #6)”

Big Sky

Charcoal smudge and ochre-stained cotton buds line the open eye scanning ghost grey and brown wrinkled skin. Smile. Hopeful tears explode; white tears evaporate in the silence of the day; in every way the earth whispers retreat into evening grace. Wide ground opens arms as far as sight can be. Trust gathers memories. Hand-in-hand wanderContinue reading “Big Sky”