Christmas 5: Heaven’s Eternal Christmas

Today’s reading tells the story of Jesus being presented to Simeon, the faithful follower of God who had waited in expectation of the “consolation of Israel” for all of his life and could now be “dismissed in peace”. In keeping with this theme of “consolation” – a favourite of mine at this blog! – today’sContinue reading “Christmas 5: Heaven’s Eternal Christmas”

In Translation

If you find them worth publishing, you have my permission to do so – as a sort of ‘White Book’ concerning my negotiations with myself – and with God. (Dag Hammarskjöld, in a letter to Leif Belfrage)* And so they sat together, the poet without “a single word of Swedish” at hand, and the translator,Continue reading “In Translation”

Uncovered Gems #5: The Danish Psalmist

In the Danish Golden Age of literature and philosophy, there were three significant names that still stand out today: Hans Christian Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and N.F.S. Grundtvig. The non-Danish world has very much heard of the first two but the third is as unknown as it is unpronounceable. And perhaps understandably so. He is ofContinue reading “Uncovered Gems #5: The Danish Psalmist”

Searching for Sully Prudhomme

I had assumed, perhaps unwisely, that because he won the highest prize he must be somewhere I could find him (online, perhaps, or in the library). Yet, though some sites had heard of him and books in French lurked here and there, the only place I could repair for works in English was a bookContinue reading “Searching for Sully Prudhomme”

Poetry in Translation: After Erik Axel Karlfeldt’s “Intet är som väntanstider (Nothing is like expecting)”

In a time when the only crime is the refusal of access, I found all search terms fail, only foreign language yielded, only the kernel of power, unopening to me. What beauty I knew to lie within, I could not see: just umlauts and A-rings, word atoms which Google could not split… When the penContinue reading “Poetry in Translation: After Erik Axel Karlfeldt’s “Intet är som väntanstider (Nothing is like expecting)””