Advent 15: Over Jordan

I’m only going over Jordan,I’m only going over home.(“Poor Wayfaring Stranger”, trad.) Truth be told, I hardly think of it,the end of my roaming, except perhaps as sleep,or when, longing for an end to all ending things,I dream of new creations. Yetthe sum of my longing is not halfway close,bound as I am by myContinue reading “Advent 15: Over Jordan”

Pass Through the Waters

Pilgrims, we return again to Jordan where the old familiar waters flow; As always we face the choice to enter, awash in what we do not know. Familiar the doubt, uncertain the prospect: the promise declares like a quaking in sky, yet how it transpires, our toes must encounter and nothing ensures that our feetContinue reading “Pass Through the Waters”

Epiphany: Godswept

An error in the typeface, no doubt: a missing space between God and swept, as in, a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. Yet, in that mistaken instant, my mind glimpses God sweeping, baptismal waves enfolding me, Godswept, swept up in God. Was it like this, at Jordan, or at Ephesus,Continue reading “Epiphany: Godswept”