We still have the river

We still have the river, after it all,running like a backbone though our home,flowing sure when all else is gone,we still have the river, still have the air.We still have each other, at the end of the day,grating on nerves, tired and numb,still have our hearts beating together,still have our days under the sun.And whenContinue reading “We still have the river”

The Long Ordinary

Winter sets in,rubs his damp feet all through the laundry,wipes his everwet hair with each handtowel,breathes ice on my windscreen,cries soggy complaints on my feet.And somewhere we are lostbetween fire and candle, lostin the long, slow ordinary that yawnsin between.Days blink; you miss the momentof daylight, the chanceto dry out and be.Only blessingspans the gapContinue reading “The Long Ordinary”

Christmas 10: Sit at my right hand

“The LORD says to my Lord…” (Psalm 110:1). These are surely some of the more mysterious words to appear in the Bible. Who is the second Lord to whom the writer, King David, is referring? Who could even be understood to be David’s Lord apart from God, the LORD? David, after all, was king ofContinue reading “Christmas 10: Sit at my right hand”

Spring Cleaning (II)

I go to prepare a place for you. We do too; with unsure anticipation, we make a space atop the stairs, with bunting and books and animals on the walls, a cot, tiny clothes, a place for your toys. We also prepare our days, our thoughts. They too make space for the big rearrange, thisContinue reading “Spring Cleaning (II)”

Catechism 52

What hope does everlasting life hold for us? It reminds us that this present fallen world is not all there is; soon we will live with and enjoy God forever in the new city, in the new heaven and the new earth, where we will be fully and forever freed from all sin and will inhabit renewed, resurrection bodies in a renewed, restored creation.Continue reading “Catechism 52”

No turning

I dreamt a ferryboat dream where, crossing some unknown stretch of deep, we struck another time and you were lost into the depths of There, and, Orpheus, I wandered far where loss and past commingled in faint glimpses of your head – behind only, never quite your face. And when re-united, by those turns thatContinue reading “No turning”

Before we save the daylight

Settle. The city is quietly occupied, the day protected – as though something must be done. Watch a screen by all means, but first gather friends, and walk to the shops to lubricate the day. Or hit the streets, if you choose – to enjoy unexpected sunshine, and the hum, like a ball hissing throughContinue reading “Before we save the daylight”


I gather moments like raindrops,          like snowdrops: these microscopic buds of spring          tricked by sun      to come out, one     by one;   I see how hesitant can be               can be      the grandest glimpse of things                and sing. I catch the way your moments dance          from distance – yetContinue reading “August”


You’ve heard, of course, how Blaise Pascal played dice – An arbitrary way to find the truth, As though the logic, weighed up in a trice (A coin tossed in the air), could render proof Redundant. Can eternity be found In such impulsive propositions? We Feel that faith should demand much surer ground. All theContinue reading “Apologetic”