…rediscovering, room by room, what it was that I first learned there about how high, how wide the world is, how one space opens into another… (David Malouf, 12 Edmondstone Street) How many of my dreams go to this place? Always the same Queenslander balconies where I wander over those drooping eaves in search ofContinue reading “Topography”

No turning

I dreamt a ferryboat dream where, crossing some unknown stretch of deep, we struck another time and you were lost into the depths of There, and, Orpheus, I wandered far where loss and past commingled in faint glimpses of your head – behind only, never quite your face. And when re-united, by those turns thatContinue reading “No turning”

Morning Heart (After Rowan Williams’ “First Thing”)

In my last steps of dream, I am running, carefully conscious of each footstep, prayers in sync with my hesitant freedom. Steps unfold as sun gathers mind up; day summons up the light to enter, to command. Yet first the halfway time, the thought that what the day holds in its hands can hurt moreContinue reading “Morning Heart (After Rowan Williams’ “First Thing”)”