Advent 21: Neither slumber nor sleep

In a creaking house for family feasting, I satas summer light streamed through leadlight doors andcracks in curtains,fairy lights twinkling on pine tree whileI rocked my youngest, disrupted bythe change of place, his olderbrother’s noise and the stubborn light,and tried to make a darkness conduciveto an eight-month child’s much-needed sleep,and fancied the Fatherkeeping vigil byContinue reading “Advent 21: Neither slumber nor sleep”

Lie down in chaos

He gives His beloved sleep. (Psalm 127:2) The bed decked in a week’s laundry, and a million miniscule things left undone, Sleep still says, “Rest your weary head. The day is long, tomorrow longer, and after that who knows. For now, this minute, lie down. In chaos, be still.” So I am still, and theContinue reading “Lie down in chaos”

20 Contemplations #19: Sleep, Wake

I slept, but my heart was awake. A sound! My beloved is knocking… (Song of Solomon 5:2a) The world sleeps, but still some wise men gaze out unto the beckoning sky, and some still wake to hear the door pounding, night humm- ing in active grace of years. No doubt, the gentleness of the stars willContinue reading “20 Contemplations #19: Sleep, Wake”

Damascus Road Prayers: Lilyo (Midnight Prayer)

Behold all that are asleep, awake and rise to sing praise… (From Psalm 148, Midnight Prayer liturgy, Syriac Orthodox Church) Could we have seen it coming? Was our slumber too deep? Midnight’s for sleeping, yet You do not sleep, nor did You sleep as boundaries changed and names were rearranged. You did not sleep asContinue reading “Damascus Road Prayers: Lilyo (Midnight Prayer)”

Morning Heart (After Rowan Williams’ “First Thing”)

In my last steps of dream, I am running, carefully conscious of each footstep, prayers in sync with my hesitant freedom. Steps unfold as sun gathers mind up; day summons up the light to enter, to command. Yet first the halfway time, the thought that what the day holds in its hands can hurt moreContinue reading “Morning Heart (After Rowan Williams’ “First Thing”)”