Advent 21: Neither slumber nor sleep

In a creaking house for family feasting, I satas summer light streamed through leadlight doors andcracks in curtains,fairy lights twinkling on pine tree whileI rocked my youngest, disrupted bythe change of place, his olderbrother’s noise and the stubborn light,and tried to make a darkness conduciveto an eight-month child’s much-needed sleep,and fancied the Fatherkeeping vigil byContinue reading “Advent 21: Neither slumber nor sleep”

All our comings and our goings

Some wandered in deserts; I strayed Among Antarctic beeches and Bunya pine, Silver ferns and blood red soil, where I made Kingdoms and mountains from my trampoline. Some languished at sea; I saw an ocean Outside my window when the Easter rains Flooded the side path, and gazed at the scene In raptured delight. IContinue reading “All our comings and our goings”

Lent 12: Second Sunday of Lent

Do the hills bring comfort? Soon He will ascend His penultimate hill, crown on brow, chest weighed down, wrath upon His soul.   From where will come His aid? He leaves the tabernacle, the comfort of union, the certainty of feet which cannot stumble.   I lift up mine eyes… The glorious handiwork of handsContinue reading “Lent 12: Second Sunday of Lent”