20 Contemplations #8: The Heights

Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars! (Psalm 148:3) Though He is lowly, they recognise Him, For He commanded and they were made. As they burn, they can still hear the hymn He sung to create them at the Father’s side. One is elected to proclaim, yet choirs Sing to heraldContinue reading “20 Contemplations #8: The Heights”

Damascus Road Prayers: Lilyo (Midnight Prayer)

Behold all that are asleep, awake and rise to sing praise… (From Psalm 148, Midnight Prayer liturgy, Syriac Orthodox Church) Could we have seen it coming? Was our slumber too deep? Midnight’s for sleeping, yet You do not sleep, nor did You sleep as boundaries changed and names were rearranged. You did not sleep asContinue reading “Damascus Road Prayers: Lilyo (Midnight Prayer)”

Psalm: Birdsong (The Cornucopia of Heaven #4)

Psalm: Birdsong After Olivier Messiaen, “Catalogue d’Oiseaux”  O praise the Lord from the earth… Beasts of the wild, and all cattle:             creeping things and winged birds…                         (Psalm 148:7a, 10)

Call to Praise (The Cornucopia of Heaven #2)

Call to Praise After Gustav Holst, “Psalm 148: Lord, Who Has Made Us for Thine Own”   His glory is above earth and heaven:             and he has lifted high the horn of his people.                         (Psalm 148:14) Listen: what begins small soon grows… Let our voices rise –  Continue reading “Call to Praise (The Cornucopia of Heaven #2)”