Closed Til April (Glenroy Lent #7)

Nothing else open at this time, only this one ageing witness to morning weakness. Yet even the shop at the station’s closed – “til April”, as though the station itself were fasting. In uncomfortable chairs, a man sleeps, unlikely to remember the morning trains, and outside the transit of ash to dawn, a vermilion promiseContinue reading “Closed Til April (Glenroy Lent #7)”

20 Contemplations #20: Enlighten

Arise, shine, for your light has come… (Isaiah 60:1a) Then the Glory opens up, and the exposition begins…after the sheaves of night, the spirals of anxiety, here the triumph of love and the tears of joy – all the passion of our arms around the Invisible!… (Olivier Messiaen) Do you see a star unlike theContinue reading “20 Contemplations #20: Enlighten”

Lent: The Wait, the Weight 5

Call this to mind. Your mind is not a vacuum, nor carved in stone, impervious to change. Neurones learn the pathways we expect. Call this to mind: He is faithful. Call this to heart. The heart weighs heavy, the soul drags; mud and mire are easiest to tread. But you were not born here; HeContinue reading “Lent: The Wait, the Weight 5”

Call to Praise (The Cornucopia of Heaven #2)

Call to Praise After Gustav Holst, “Psalm 148: Lord, Who Has Made Us for Thine Own”   His glory is above earth and heaven:             and he has lifted high the horn of his people.                         (Psalm 148:14) Listen: what begins small soon grows… Let our voices rise –  Continue reading “Call to Praise (The Cornucopia of Heaven #2)”

Bursting Dimensions

If you really believe, then the day and the dull of its light won’t confine the dimensions of sight; you may look through the night and see there the promise of Life. Do you really believe? On your way through the frontiers of darkness and time, you may feel all your might leak out intoContinue reading “Bursting Dimensions”