Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted (Cornucopia of Heaven)

Adriaen van Ostade - A Baker Sounding His Horn (Wikimedia Commons)
Adriaen van Ostade – A Baker Sounding His Horn (Wikimedia Commons)

Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted

After Hammock, “Tres Dominé


O God –

the empty horn is lifted;

the hollow shell is given voice;

the broken branch is whittled out

and sings.


Three persons,

my emptiness becomes Your fullness;

my earthen jar becomes Your vessel;

my bruised reed hums with Your song

in praise.


My soul

is empty, yet Your table flows with plenty.

The thrum in my heart resounds in Your space.

O God, to You this broken shell is lifted:

let it fill.



Expectation (The Cornucopia of Heaven)



After J.S. Bach, “Mass in B Minor: Et Expecto Resurrectionem”


We              begin           small:
a kernel        dropping        to soil
a weak          and fickle      seed
a broken        passing         moment
of what           breaks forth
                              in trumpet-shower,
            in polyphonic spring,
                        in vibrant alleluia
                            voices thrumming, harmony
                  from these broken chords
                        in joy!
           What we sow now,    broken,
                        soon we reap
                in harvest plenty,
                        singing where
                            our tears once fell:
                                    Alleluia!                   Expectantly.

Prayers of Intercession (Cornucopia of Heaven)

"Musée Henri-Mathieu-Judaïsme (5)" by Ji-Elle - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
“Musée Henri-Mathieu-Judaïsme (5)” by Ji-Elle – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Prayers of Intercession

After Felix Mendelssohn, “Veni Domine, Op.39”


Veni Domine, et noli tardare.

Come, Lord, and do not delay.

(Traditional prayer)


With empty horn
      and plaintive voice:
                Veni domine, 
                    we cry.
Sunk in mire,
      sunk in self:
              Et noli tardare.

Our earth is cracked, our reservoirs dry:
            Veni domine, we cry.
With rising anguish, rising hearts:
            Et noli tardare.

Awaiting future harvest, while
the crops are languid in these days
                        O Veni domine,
                        we cry.
The horn of plenty has no sound
            but groans of prayer,
               from Spirit fuelled:
                        O Veni Domine, et Veni
                               Domine, et Veni                                                                                                Domine…

With dread and hope, in mounting cry:
            Veni domine, O Veni
                        Domine –
            at the clouds we sit:
                   O Lord –
            Come; do not delay.

The Lord’s Prayer (Cornucopia of Heaven)


The Lord’s Prayer

After Otto Nicolai, “Pater noster, Op. 33” 

Our Father –

the heavens are Your home,
       earth Your tent,          and yet

           You are a Father.           Teach
our fickle hearts,       our yelling hearts,
           to still, to stop
to look upon               Your glory, high
                               and lifted up.
Our Father who         our Father in
            Our Father, You who are in heaven
                   hallowed be
              Your name, Your will
      be done in us,    be done in dust.
This broken, fickle dust proclaims
            Your high, exalted, heaven name.

Our Father – You who are
            in heaven – lift
       our      broken            prayers.
       Hallowed be Your name, Your throne
            be known on earth
                today,  as in

            Your heavenglory     home.

Assurance (Cornucopia of Heaven)



After Giovanni Gabrieli, “Exultavit Cor Meum”


From depths,
            from brokenness, the trumpet
sounds, the trumpet
                        sounds the new,
            it sounds the dawn
                        of low made high.
                                    Exalt, my heart!
            My heart exalts.
                        My eyes will see,
                                    my ears will hear
            O Domino,
                        exalt my humbled knees
                                    and hear
                        the polyphonic joy, the song
                                of humbled, broken
                                     songs arising
                 from the fractured soil,
                        the soul
                                    now sings
                        a trumpet call…

Kyrie (Cornucopia of Heaven)

Image: Score of Palestrina's Kyrie Eleison myartprints.co.uk
Image: Score of Palestrina’s Kyrie Eleison myartprints.co.uk


After Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, “Missa Papae Marcelli: Kyrie”


From earth, from soil, from hearts, from fractures
             Kyrie               Kyrie
From death, from fire, from quake, from anguish
                          Kyrie               Kyrie
From drought that blocks, from self that locks
                                    Kyrie eleison

From sin, from toil, from pride, from hate
            Christe             Christe
From plenty turned to nothing, starving
                          Christe             Christe 
From world rebelling, fair made foul –                                                                                                                      Christe eleison
Sing, creation. Sing, dead bones.
            Kyrie               Kyrie
Long for what has died to live
                         Kyrie               Kyrie
Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy –
Long for when He comes again –
                                 Kyrie eleison.

Confessional Hymn, After Gavin Bryars’ “Cadman Requiem” (Cornucopia of Heaven)



Confessional Hymn

After Gavin Bryars, “Cadman Requiem”


We were not there when stars were flung
           wide, wide,     across the vast expanse.
We were not there when hearts were knit,
            when breath was breathed inside.

We were not there when plans were made,
            when laws      in hearts were broken.
Yet we were there to feel death’s sting
            and feel          the plan’s undoing.

We were there when sparks flew up
            and fire scorned        the fickle ground,
when sound was lost and wings spun out
            and everything          was falling.

Ours were hearts un-tuned to sounds
            of life             and perfect leading.
Ours were rebel schemes which blew
            the hope         out of the sky.

Though stars may fail and hearts implode:
            still, still          Creator God, uphold.
        O kyrie  eleison,                Christ –

            have mercy    on us all.

Psalm: Creation (The Cornucopia of Heaven)

Image of the Milky Way from Summit Lake, West Virginia, ForestWander Wikimedia Commons
Image of the Milky Way from Summit Lake, West Virginia, ForestWander
Wikimedia Commons

Psalm: Creation

After Joseph Haydn, “Die Schöpfung: Erster Teil”

Why all these bodies, and why should persons be able to communicate with each other? And why trees and earth and water and fire and wind and lions and lambs and lilies and birds and bread and wine?

(John Piper, This Momentary Marriage)