Broken Epiphanies

Save me, O God: for the waters are entered even to my soul. I stick fast in the deep mire, where no stay is: I am come into deep waters, and the streams run over me. (Psalm 69:1-2, 1599 Geneva Bible) Is it, as Bosch would have it, a sinking scene, hut scarcely erect, while in the background knights andContinue reading “Broken Epiphanies”


“We can only silence the guns of hatred with the guns of love.” – Nigerian church leader, quoted in Open Doors prayer letter I am broken in my love: I cry, I steal, I hurt, I hate. My heart has guns which fire and kill and I am daily killed.   I do not understand my friend;Continue reading “Nazarene”

Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted (Cornucopia of Heaven)

Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted After Hammock, “Tres Dominé”   O God – the empty horn is lifted; the hollow shell is given voice; the broken branch is whittled out and sings.   Three persons, my emptiness becomes Your fullness; my earthen jar becomes Your vessel; my bruised reed hums with Your song inContinue reading “Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted (Cornucopia of Heaven)”

Expectation (The Cornucopia of Heaven)

Expectation After J.S. Bach, “Mass in B Minor: Et Expecto Resurrectionem”   We              begin           small: a kernel        dropping        to soil a weak          and fickle      seed a broken        passing         moment dust                          expectantly,                                   expectant… of what           breaks forth                               in trumpet-shower,             in polyphonic spring,                        Continue reading “Expectation (The Cornucopia of Heaven)”

The Lord’s Prayer (Cornucopia of Heaven)

The Lord’s Prayer After Otto Nicolai, “Pater noster, Op. 33”  Our Father – the heavens are Your home, earth Your tent,          and yet            You are a Father.           Teach our fickle hearts,       our yelling hearts,            to still, to stop to look upon               Your glory, high                                and lifted up. Our Father who         our FatherContinue reading “The Lord’s Prayer (Cornucopia of Heaven)”