The Lord’s Prayer (Cornucopia of Heaven)

The Lord’s Prayer

After Otto Nicolai, “Pater noster, Op. 33” 

Our Father –

the heavens are Your home,
       earth Your tent,          and yet

           You are a Father.           Teach
our fickle hearts,       our yelling hearts,
           to still, to stop
to look upon               Your glory, high
                               and lifted up.
Our Father who         our Father in
            Our Father, You who are in heaven
                   hallowed be
              Your name, Your will
      be done in us,    be done in dust.
This broken, fickle dust proclaims
            Your high, exalted, heaven name.

Our Father – You who are
            in heaven – lift
       our      broken            prayers.
       Hallowed be Your name, Your throne
            be known on earth
                today,  as in

            Your heavenglory     home.

Lent 7: Tuesday of First Week

Our Father –
we are made of clay –
Our Father
in heaven – in hearts – in
Heaven to hearts, our
Father who art
in heaven –

Hallowed be
Your name –
we pray, Your name we pray,
your kingdom come,
your will be done –
we pray your name, your will.
O come…

Your kingdom come
to bowls of dust,
to men of clay –
give us this day
the bread we need,
the bread You knead –
your kingdom come to us!

O Father, bring
your kingdom down –
to hollow hearts –
hallowed You are –
reshape our clay –
give us each day –
Our Father, here, in heaven.