Testimony of Earth

For this demon who harms men and corrupts them is particularly anxious that his servants not gaze up to heaven but instead that they be bent over to the earth and make bricks inside themselves from clay.
(Gregory of Nyssa, The Life of Moses)

At the moment of exhaling, he sanctified
the clay he shaped by his outbreathing, yet
sacred clay was only ever for shaping, not
to be shaped by. Instead
my eyes are always turned groundward and I
play in the mud pies of my mind despite
the heavenly witness that clamours for me with its voiceless speech
and, for lack
of willing human witnesses, rocks
clear stony throats to shout.

Lent 7: Tuesday of First Week

Our Father –
we are made of clay –
Our Father
in heaven – in hearts – in
Heaven to hearts, our
Father who art
in heaven –

Hallowed be
Your name –
we pray, Your name we pray,
your kingdom come,
your will be done –
we pray your name, your will.
O come…

Your kingdom come
to bowls of dust,
to men of clay –
give us this day
the bread we need,
the bread You knead –
your kingdom come to us!

O Father, bring
your kingdom down –
to hollow hearts –
hallowed You are –
reshape our clay –
give us each day –
Our Father, here, in heaven.