Ordinary Wednesday: Do not grow weary

It is almost impossible to ever characterise the spirit of a time with one word, but if I were to characterise how the community around me feels this year, I would say, weary. We have not always been weary. In my city at least we started this year hopeful, and remained that way for someContinue reading “Ordinary Wednesday: Do not grow weary”

Testimony of Earth

For this demon who harms men and corrupts them is particularly anxious that his servants not gaze up to heaven but instead that they be bent over to the earth and make bricks inside themselves from clay. (Gregory of Nyssa, The Life of Moses) At the moment of exhaling, he sanctified the clay he shapedContinue reading “Testimony of Earth”

Lent 7: Tuesday of First Week

Our Father – we are made of clay – Our Father – in heaven – in hearts – in Heaven to hearts, our Father who art in heaven – Hallowed be Your name – we pray, Your name we pray, your kingdom come, your will be done – we pray your name, your will. OContinue reading “Lent 7: Tuesday of First Week”