Mary Martha

Can I sitattentive to the voice of many waters and yet move, serve, respond?Can I act,responsive to a world of burning rubble and yet listen, stop and breathe?Full of many things, I forgetto choose the better part.Caught in mindless bustle, I catcheternity in the friction that grindsto a hault.O bless the failurethat drives me kneeward.BlessContinue reading “Mary Martha”

Too Much Light 3: Prepare your ears

Slow down. Road, rain, traffic slow you down but you are fast. Your heart pounds to silence the road, and buds turned inward block out growth. What speaks is asphalt and the music in your ears, the hum of engines idling, the unexpected pause. Yet sky is telling another story: look, the clouds gather roundContinue reading “Too Much Light 3: Prepare your ears”