Mary Martha

Can I sitattentive to the voice of many waters and yet move, serve, respond?Can I act,responsive to a world of burning rubble and yet listen, stop and breathe?Full of many things, I forgetto choose the better part.Caught in mindless bustle, I catcheternity in the friction that grindsto a hault.O bless the failurethat drives me kneeward.BlessContinue reading “Mary Martha”

“With pen in hand”

The fact that a work of such unperturbed objectivity and such deep, radiating peace could grow from a life which, far from being untroubled, consumed itself in strife, gives us an insight into the special quality of the man. (Josef Pieper, The Silence of St Thomas) The branch is not the root system. When youContinue reading ““With pen in hand””

Resolution: No Clutter

Too fidgety the mind’s compass (R.S. Thomas, “Adam Tempted”) I pile books on books and thought on thought. I pile obligation onto guilt, and duty  onto resignation. This is panic in my breath and limbs tingling with the pace of things. There is no end, the wise teacher said, to all flesh-weariness of thought. IContinue reading “Resolution: No Clutter”