Resolution: No Clutter

Too fidgety the mind’s compass (R.S. Thomas, “Adam Tempted”) I pile books on books and thought on thought. I pile obligation onto guilt, and duty  onto resignation. This is panic in my breath and limbs tingling with the pace of things. There is no end, the wise teacher said, to all flesh-weariness of thought. IContinue reading “Resolution: No Clutter”

Lent: The Wait, the Weight 5

Call this to mind. Your mind is not a vacuum, nor carved in stone, impervious to change. Neurones learn the pathways we expect. Call this to mind: He is faithful. Call this to heart. The heart weighs heavy, the soul drags; mud and mire are easiest to tread. But you were not born here; HeContinue reading “Lent: The Wait, the Weight 5”

From Ashes Part 7: Weariness

  Living Vapour Drag your heels – the ground sinks beneath your thudding feet and dunes defy your constancy.   Watch the sun – it rises and sets, then runs to the place from whence it has set while your heavy feet echo.   And is there a thing of which it is said, HereContinue reading “From Ashes Part 7: Weariness”

From Ashes Part 5: “…all things are wearisome…”

Vanity of vanities, the Preacher saith,             All things are vanity. The eye and ear             Cannot be filled with what they see and hear. Like early dew, or like the sudden breath Of wind, or like the grass that withereth,             Is man… (Christina Rossetti, “The One Certainty”) Some years ago, the greatest comfortContinue reading “From Ashes Part 5: “…all things are wearisome…””

Joy in the Planting

“What profit,” I asked, “does there lie in this soil? My labour will bear its fruit on a day Far off in the future, when I’m gone away And a stranger will reap from my toil.” “What gain,” I then asked, “in this mortal coil, This limitless cycle of birth and decay, This nothing-new-under-the-sun, andContinue reading “Joy in the Planting”

Joy in Each Season (After Christina Rossetti’s “The One Certainty”)

Christina Rossetti wrote many sonnets, most of them very compelling. This poem is based on one of her more shocking sonnets, one inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes. You can read the original poem here. I have used Rossetti’s poem as my basis, but have tried to inject a bit more hope into its resolution. Continue reading “Joy in Each Season (After Christina Rossetti’s “The One Certainty”)”