From Ashes Part 7: Weariness

  Living Vapour Drag your heels – the ground sinks beneath your thudding feet and dunes defy your constancy.   Watch the sun – it rises and sets, then runs to the place from whence it has set while your heavy feet echo.   And is there a thing of which it is said, HereContinue reading “From Ashes Part 7: Weariness”

William Cowper – The Waiting Soul

To finish off my month of looking at William Cowper, here is an essay that I have written on his life and work – an attempt to draw together the threads of life that was simultaneously dark and beautiful. I hope you find it a helpful read. William Cowper – The Waiting Soul

12 Poets #2: William Cowper

Christian literature has few stories as troubling as that of William Cowper, the eighteenth-century poet and close friend of John Newton of “Amazing Grace” fame. A long-term depression sufferer who attempted suicide multiple times and died in despair, his is hardly an uplifting story. Yet it produced some of the most beautiful – and, often, comforting –Continue reading “12 Poets #2: William Cowper”