From Ashes Part 7: Weariness

  Living Vapour Drag your heels – the ground sinks beneath your thudding feet and dunes defy your constancy.   Watch the sun – it rises and sets, then runs to the place from whence it has set while your heavy feet echo.   And is there a thing of which it is said, HereContinue reading “From Ashes Part 7: Weariness”

Psalm 131: Humility and Submission

Yesterday I posted a poem based on the beautiful Psalm 131. It is one of the shortest psalms in the Bible, yet one which I have found particularly comforting at times of emotional and psychological distress. Today I am posting a recording I have made of a new musical setting of Isaac Watts’ hymn basedContinue reading “Psalm 131: Humility and Submission”

From Ashes Part 6: Soul, Be Still (Psalm 131)

Soul, be still, quiet, mind: the Lord of all hems in, behind.   Take courage, heart, unravel, thoughts: the first, the last is your resort.   No need to run, unburden feet: the good begun He will complete.   O anxious child, your father keeps your mind, though wild; He bids you sleep.   ComeContinue reading “From Ashes Part 6: Soul, Be Still (Psalm 131)”