William Cowper – The Waiting Soul

To finish off my month of looking at William Cowper, here is an essay that I have written on his life and work – an attempt to draw together the threads of life that was simultaneously dark and beautiful. I hope you find it a helpful read.

William Cowper – The Waiting Soul

4 thoughts on “William Cowper – The Waiting Soul

  1. Gosh, so much there it’s hard to comment. For me the thing that jumps out (once again) is this link between mental health and writing/creativity. Have you written anything about this Matt? Having my own struggle with depression I find I am helped by others who have suffered. Some of his excerpts you quoted are astounding, what a rollercoaster his life must have been.

    1. I’ve been planning a book for a while now exploring that exact idea, mostly because I’ve also found it really helpful to see others write about their mental health struggles in a way that’s honest and encouraging. I’m planning for the William Cowper essay to be a chapter in the book. We’ll see if it gets written!

      1. Thanks! I’d like to. It’s just a matter of having the time for a project of that size. It may have to wait until I’ve finished my Masters.

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