10 Ways to Embrace the Ring Road

Embrace it. No other time of day can you sit still, without compunction. Here schedules mean nothing. You may be late; that cannot be stopped. Yet you can stop. You can look at clumps of grass and broccoli gums in wetlands and wonder how they looked before this road was even thought. You can watchContinue reading “10 Ways to Embrace the Ring Road”

Too Much Light 6: Prepare Your Crowns

Come, let us walk in the light of the                             Lord: the light is blinding   and the days are long; the sun confuses us, the bustle deafens.   Lord: let us walk.   Let’s leave our cars, our homes, our days and walk. The Son has stories brighter than noon, pavilions for theContinue reading “Too Much Light 6: Prepare Your Crowns”

Second Candle: Advent is Slowing

One candle grows short, a second descends, And three others wait for the rising of light. Wicks burn down and dwindle, yet hope still appends The longing of prayers in the slow Advent night. In the day, though the shouting of sun may shut out The lamenting of captives, yet watch in the night, ForContinue reading “Second Candle: Advent is Slowing”

Too Much Light 3: Prepare your ears

Slow down. Road, rain, traffic slow you down but you are fast. Your heart pounds to silence the road, and buds turned inward block out growth. What speaks is asphalt and the music in your ears, the hum of engines idling, the unexpected pause. Yet sky is telling another story: look, the clouds gather roundContinue reading “Too Much Light 3: Prepare your ears”

Too Much Light 2: Prepare Your Eyes

Highways have no beauty in heat of summer: the road flattens and grass lies thirsty by the way. Nothing to see (the asphalt carpet rolls through nowhere fast), we dream of nothing but our pedestrian destinations. Should someone tell the day that new light might dawn across a languid, surprised hill, it would chuckle. And so the road stays nonchalant,Continue reading “Too Much Light 2: Prepare Your Eyes”