Too Much Light 6: Prepare Your Crowns


let us


in the light

of the




the light is blinding   and

the days are long; the sun

confuses us, the bustle deafens.



let us walk.


Let’s leave our cars, our homes, our days

and walk.

The Son has stories brighter than noon,

pavilions for the rising of the brightest morning,

and ways that feet must slow to learn.


But come.

Prepare your crowns, prepare

your heads to bow before

His crown.


Prepare the day, to slow, to greet

this child,

bright as Day.

“Before the throne of God above…” – Streaming Page CXVI Day 2

Well, as Lent approaches, so does the release of Page CXVI’s “Lent to Maundy Thursday”, and so it is with great excitement that I am posting the second track of the album, one of my favourite hymns: “Before the throne of God above”. When we could use this season before Easter as a time to make sure we are right before God – and this is certainly a good thing to do – the best thing we can remember is that God has made us right with Him, and so we can approach Him confident of this, whatever our state right now.

Thursday Before Lent
Should we wait, uncertain, at
   the place where glory sits,
hesitant to see His face,
   hesitant to hope?

Should we kneel or should we hide?
   Should we walk at all
before the throne, before the face
   of holiness and light?

Can we dare to face the truth
   that who we are is known?
Can we plead? What is our plea,
   the ground on which we stand?

Enter, confident, for this
   Most Holy Place is now
opened up; the throne calls you
   to bring your tears and crowns.