Lent: Man of Sorrows 5

I cannot stop the tide of life:                                        it moves at speeds I cannot calculate;                                             it twists and turns and undulates. It thwarts my best paid plans, my stern-set goals.          Nothing in this life bends to my will; my trunk is buffeted too bluntly by these waves; my fists smart from clenching atContinue reading “Lent: Man of Sorrows 5”


Your mind’s a rhizome and your head’s at sea. Stray flotsam, jetsam drift in it; its roots Run deeper than the ocean bed and shoots Burst out of it, this way and that. The key To tracing thoughts back to their unity Lies not in system or in sticking boots Into the wildness of yourContinue reading “Sonnet”

Lent 20: Monday of Third Week

Yes, the seas stir; the Son, walking atop the waves, does not mind, a sovereign treading the puddles of his soil. We, quaking in the boat or sinking with the self-consciousness of faith, look aghast and fret. Teacher! The waves consume… But see how He strides. See the waves bend and break at His touch.Continue reading “Lent 20: Monday of Third Week”

Lent 4: Saturday After Ash Wednesday

Elemental, yet controlling element – He who shapes dust also sweeps the seas, surveys their tides, searches land and sea, eyes attuned to every wave, scanning hearts and scouring minds, seeking men like fish. And then His hook goes out: Follow me. Can men defy the voice which once made light to be and knowsContinue reading “Lent 4: Saturday After Ash Wednesday”