Epiphany: The Implications of Light

At first darkness you saw it, Light looming large on the horizon, transfiguring and sanctifying all that it struck. Yet you were drawn, contrariwise, to a glistening object that, no light of its own, could only reflect or, at worst, refract. Distracted by prismatic brilliance, you answered the wrong call, saw charisma and grabbed atContinue reading “Epiphany: The Implications of Light”

Assurance (Cornucopia of Heaven)

Assurance After Giovanni Gabrieli, “Exultavit Cor Meum”   From depths,             from brokenness, the trumpet sounds, the trumpet                         sounds the new,             it sounds the dawn                         of low made high.                                     Exalt, my heart!             My heart exalts.                         My eyes will see,                                     my ears will hearContinue reading “Assurance (Cornucopia of Heaven)”

Exultavit cor meum (1 Samuel 2:1-10)

Did she walk away singing, joy in heart? The knowledge sang within her, of the Rock From whom all water flowed, and this exchange In fortunes – rich brought low and poor made high. Yet richest gifts demand the largest part; Though free, as she went home, from those who’d mock, Such height, such grace,Continue reading “Exultavit cor meum (1 Samuel 2:1-10)”