Christmas 10: Sit at my right hand

“The LORD says to my Lord…” (Psalm 110:1). These are surely some of the more mysterious words to appear in the Bible. Who is the second Lord to whom the writer, King David, is referring? Who could even be understood to be David’s Lord apart from God, the LORD? David, after all, was king ofContinue reading “Christmas 10: Sit at my right hand”

Shoots and Stumps

“At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail.” (Job 14:7) And new life sprouts where old life is cut down: See little shoots burst forth from severed trunk; The earth is singing where its joy was sunk; The smallestContinue reading “Shoots and Stumps”

Psalm: Lilies (The Cornucopia of Heaven)

After Antonio Vivaldi, “Le Quattro Stagioni – La Primavera: II. Largo”  Creator God, whose praise and power are proclaimed by the whole creation: receive our morning prayers, we pray… (A Prayer Book for Australia) Consider         how the lilies open – Watch them enter     into light… Solomon in all his        splendour wasContinue reading “Psalm: Lilies (The Cornucopia of Heaven)”