Kyrie in the Desert

Father, What have I done with the food you gave me? The bread of life grows mould where I left it. The leaven of self sickens and spoils. Puffed up by bread alone, no Word, I am fat and famished. In the desert of abundance, Lord have mercy. Brother, All the kingdoms of the worldContinue reading “Kyrie in the Desert”

No Ordinary Sundays

Before you lies my strength and my weakness; preserve the one, heal the other. Before you lies my knowledge and my ignorance; where you have opened to me, receive me as I come in; where you have shut to me, open to me as I knock. Let me remember you, let me understand you, letContinue reading “No Ordinary Sundays”

20 Contemplations #10: Joy

Delight the Spirit feels in constant burst: Delight in Three, delight in all that’s good. And as the Son descends, is born, is God, Delight the Spirit feels at last, at first. Joy of Spirit fractures Earth’s rehearsed Ways of being happy. Earth gives a nod To God, then walks the path that Adam trod.Continue reading “20 Contemplations #10: Joy”

20 Contemplations #9: Logos

“…before Abraham was, I am.” (John 8:58) Eternity enters the human timeframe. Before movement had matter, He was: No beginning or conclusion; the same Yesterday, today, before all days. Even the hands of clocks he moves, sustains; And now He enters: the watchmaker within The mechanism; the infinite contained. Time baffles at the sight; whereContinue reading “20 Contemplations #9: Logos”

20 Contemplations #6: At Creation

All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. (John 1:3) First birdsong and flight; new heavens groaning; These things we cannot see. They precede Sight, consciousness. All we know, he exceeds: The Face behind the flame and the foaming. Nothing made without Him: He moves across AstronomyContinue reading “20 Contemplations #6: At Creation”

20 Contemplations #5: Rhythm of the Three

No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father’s side, he has made him known. (John 1:18) “I and the Father are one.” Such mystery Finds no answer in biology. Why Not “I and my mother”? One for a time, Yet divided at birth, distinct in history. No, “I andContinue reading “20 Contemplations #5: Rhythm of the Three”

20 Contemplations #1: Colours of the Father

What do you see? He is invisible Yet all creation knows Him. Listen: The birds slow their flight for Him; leaves glisten In all His coloured light. Impossible Strains of symmetry glide through chaos: simple In their dignity, yet rich in vision. Catch the smallest glimpse, the grandest impression: He is more – glorious, indivisible.Continue reading “20 Contemplations #1: Colours of the Father”


White though simple carries every colour. Glory – small word – is manifold. Break apart light and find prismatic wonder. None of this has words. What then? What sounds can be made to stir hearts? The Word – singular yet many pleats, Many rooms – beams and breathes from beginning. How can we reveal? WeContinue reading “Doxa”

Catechism 36

What do we believe about the Holy Spirit? That he is God, coeternal with the Father and the Son, and that God grants him irrevocably to all who believe. (New City Catechism) God’s wind blows wherever it wills – blows and leads the soul to life. The Spirit draws the dying spirit, draws and enters,Continue reading “Catechism 36”


What wind swept through the house that day – what dawn arose, what day became? What life shone through the shuttered doors and lit a dancing flame? What trifold truth unloosened tongues – what fractured past now set aright? What joy made sober men seem drunk and woke the town to sight? What destiny setContinue reading “Pentecost”