Ordinary Wednesday: Waiting for fruit

The gap between Easter and Advent has seemed especially long this year. Perhaps this is because of the discipline I’ve undertaken of writing a weekly reflection throughout all of Ordinary Time, perhaps the slow drag of lockdown. But this year I have felt every week of Ordinary Time as though it should be over andContinue reading “Ordinary Wednesday: Waiting for fruit”

Ordinary Wednesday: Natural Theology for Pre-Schoolers

This is a conversation I had with E, my nearly four-year-old, at breakfast yesterday, about why the porridge was not ready yet, even though he was yelling at it and telling it that he wanted it to be ready. Me: It’s like in Basil and the Branch [a kids’ book that he loves about aContinue reading “Ordinary Wednesday: Natural Theology for Pre-Schoolers”

Damascus 2: Pentecost

I missed the flames that day, was at my books, learning the whys and wherefores of Law, determined that every subscript iota would not be neglected when I stood before God. The Spirit blows wherever it wills. Mine was the letter, not the wind. When, years later, I clutched letters in hand, I held everyContinue reading “Damascus 2: Pentecost”

Kyrie in the Desert

Father, What have I done with the food you gave me? The bread of life grows mould where I left it. The leaven of self sickens and spoils. Puffed up by bread alone, no Word, I am fat and famished. In the desert of abundance, Lord have mercy. Brother, All the kingdoms of the worldContinue reading “Kyrie in the Desert”

20 Contemplations #10: Joy

Delight the Spirit feels in constant burst: Delight in Three, delight in all that’s good. And as the Son descends, is born, is God, Delight the Spirit feels at last, at first. Joy of Spirit fractures Earth’s rehearsed Ways of being happy. Earth gives a nod To God, then walks the path that Adam trod.Continue reading “20 Contemplations #10: Joy”

Expect Delays

The sky is clear but in the distance clouds gather in manifold metallic tones. The road lies open, save the lane where a car met a day that ruptured its way, crushed its bonnet, its schedule;                                                     we mouth our complaints. Red messages warn that soon we too will be disrupted. Slower than usual, noContinue reading “Expect Delays”

Lent: The Wait, the Weight 2

How long? How long? I drag my voice. I cling, I waiver, I thirst, I desire – My spirit shall rejoice. In silence, in hum of background noise, I stretch my neck from familiar mire – How long? How long? I unravel voice. The wait, the weight of hidden joys, When all my sky cloudsContinue reading “Lent: The Wait, the Weight 2”

Lent: The Wait, the Weight 1

Waves drag, anchor fails – my God my God why In this torpor, what lifts? The heart, bird-like, hovers – an albatross, a vulture? Yet a dove dives deep and holds; it coos what cannot be cried. My God my God why – too heavy for words, yet hands can be raised, barely, above theContinue reading “Lent: The Wait, the Weight 1”

Lent: New Song 2

When morning bright awakens eyes:      awaken tongue; awaken mind. When birdsong sounds the new of day:      sing, soul and heart; sing new pathways. When yesterday creeps back to minds:      awaken, spirit; transform flesh. When patterns threaten, dead songs groan:      listen, heart, to Spirit’s song. Turn the sounds of self to silence;Continue reading “Lent: New Song 2”