Little Flowers

“Not too many poets has it been given…to live one of their own poems.”(G.K. Chesterton, St Francis of Assisi) If I would be Francis, troubadour to God,before I can sing Creation’s canticles, I must tendto the sleeping children in my roomand die again, again to the selfthat craves to be higher than them.Only then canContinue reading “Little Flowers”

Lent: Man of Sorrows 6

And keep –     keep me, keep watch, keep hope. The pains that crush me are like pricks beside Your agony, and yet           You hold arms out as though to gather in more pain, more shame, and thus            more me. Man of sorrows,         what a name,         what a scheme   thatContinue reading “Lent: Man of Sorrows 6”

Lent: New Song 2

When morning bright awakens eyes:      awaken tongue; awaken mind. When birdsong sounds the new of day:      sing, soul and heart; sing new pathways. When yesterday creeps back to minds:      awaken, spirit; transform flesh. When patterns threaten, dead songs groan:      listen, heart, to Spirit’s song. Turn the sounds of self to silence;Continue reading “Lent: New Song 2”