Lent: Man of Sorrows 6

And keep –     keep me, keep watch, keep hope. The pains that crush me are like pricks beside Your agony, and yet           You hold arms out as though to gather in more pain, more shame, and thus            more me. Man of sorrows,         what a name,         what a scheme   thatContinue reading “Lent: Man of Sorrows 6”

Søren (After Rowan Williams’ “Rublev”)

The Messiah came one day, tattered in Adam’s rags, ragged and anxious from the moment of sin, sick nearly to death. I said, My father has betrayed you and I have chased dead beauty. Sit ragged with me by my hearth. I too wear scars: do you know them? These the contours that choice hasContinue reading “Søren (After Rowan Williams’ “Rublev”)”