Lent 30: Thursday of Fourth Week

Look, the son comes;

the farmers steam at the sight.

The vineyard is theirs! He has no place.

Stone the son; kill the heir.

The vineyard is red with blood.


Look, the Son comes;

the farmers quake at the sight.

Rejected, now the cornerstone:

the vineyard’s his. He takes His place.

The blood-red Son ascends.

Lent 29: Wednesday of Fourth Week

Detail from Rembrandt van Rijn, "Christ Driving Money Changes from the Temple"
Detail from Rembrandt van Rijn, “Christ Driving Money Changes from the Temple”

The blind, the lame, are let inside;

the cursed now are blessed.

The king in triumph rides upon

a humble donkey’s colt.


The temple tables overturned,

the mind thrown into chaos,

prophecies are rendered true

in ways that chill our hearts.


The unexpected king burns bright

with anger at the sham.

He knows the depths of truest Law

and dies to see it kept.

Lent 28: Tuesday of Fourth Week

And what is this that we now hear?
The workers who arrived too late –
the lazy, the beggars, the weak, the lame –
have won the Master’s favour and
have earned equal pay.

What is this that he proclaims,
this carpenter with hands of dust?
The children step aside while dogs
who surely are not fit for crumbs
have places at the feast.

The first are last, the last are first;
grumbles sound in stony hearts.
But broken hearts which yawn and weep
abound in joy, and even stone
can soon be rolled away.

Lent 17: Friday of Second Week

Where is the strong man?
He writhes about as though he had power
but he himself knows he is bound.

What is this power?
It stands before the divided heart,
compelling with its tenacious purity.

Where is the good fruit?
Trees fein their own flourishing,
yet the truth will cast out the rotten.

Who is this healer?
If by the spirit of God he casts out the foul,
then the kingdom stands, flesh-clad, before you.