Ordinary Time: What the fish knows

We take this break from our regular Ordinary Time programming for me to introduce you to the newest member of my family: Shemmy Kenja-Penja Pullar. Shemmy is a betta fish – also known as a Siamese fighting fish – purchased for the fourth birthday of my highly inquisitive, nature-and-ocean-loving eldest son. If you read myContinue reading “Ordinary Time: What the fish knows”

Into Silence

Attention is the beginning of devotion. Mary Oliver Startled by the beating of my own heart, the poundingof my thoughts in between my ears, I have foundnoise to be quieter than silence, have brokeredterms of peace armedwith a flashing screen.Nothing frightens likethe thought that you may not be enough; You are enough, are All. InContinue reading “Into Silence”