Author of Life (Thursday in Easter Week)

“It’s true: the Author of life lay dead,             Lay three days inside death’s tomb, The Righteous and the Holy One             Made Himself an offering to Ignorant, unrighteous men             Who knew not what they did.   It’s true, for we are witnesses;             We saw Him breathe and saw Him die And sawContinue reading “Author of Life (Thursday in Easter Week)”

Repentance (Tuesday in Easter Week)

“Let the house of Israel know!” He cried, and cut them to the heart Who, guilt of Adam in their bones, Had hammered in the nails.   “What should we do?” they cried in fear, Seeing their hands at the cross, Their sins like thieves at Jesus’ side, Their voices raised to crucify.   “Repent,”Continue reading “Repentance (Tuesday in Easter Week)”

Common Prayer: A Sonnet for Thomas Cranmer

Even as a picture graven or painted is but a dead representation of the thing itself, and is without life, or any manner of moving; so be the works of all unfaithful persons before God. They do appear to be lively works, and indeed they be but dead, not availing to the eternal life. (ThomasContinue reading “Common Prayer: A Sonnet for Thomas Cranmer”