Since setting minds on things above is hard

Since setting minds on things above is hard, The mind always diverting to the place Of greatest comfort, fearing open space; Since often thoughts break off in weary shards And off we go, empty, scanning the yard Of day’s vacuum confusions, seeking peace But scared to look directly at His face: Let’s look instead uponContinue reading “Since setting minds on things above is hard”

Author of Life (Thursday in Easter Week)

“It’s true: the Author of life lay dead,             Lay three days inside death’s tomb, The Righteous and the Holy One             Made Himself an offering to Ignorant, unrighteous men             Who knew not what they did.   It’s true, for we are witnesses;             We saw Him breathe and saw Him die And sawContinue reading “Author of Life (Thursday in Easter Week)”

The Slowing Year (For John Keble)

My year-long poetry project, “The Swelling Year”, is drawing to a close and will finish shortly after the Easter period ends. Today’s poem signals something of a milestone in the project: the last of the “feast days” for significant Christians remembered in the Anglican calendar. Somewhat appropriately, this poem remembers John Keble, a man whoseContinue reading “The Slowing Year (For John Keble)”

The Soul’s Travail (Good Friday)

After he has suffered, he will see the light of life and be satisfied; by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many, and he will bear their iniquities. (Isaiah 53:11)   High and lifted up Astonishing the faithless many Kings with mouths agape yet shut And hearts with closed fists   Lifted high aboveContinue reading “The Soul’s Travail (Good Friday)”

Children of Light (Tuesday in Holy Week)

           Arise, little ones. Though in your smallness you cannot see Beyond the faint horizon:   He comes, he comes, Across the seas, Bearing light upon his brow.   To those despised deeply, Abhorred by the world, He comes bearing folly, to weaken the wise;   He sweeps the vast coastlands,Continue reading “Children of Light (Tuesday in Holy Week)”