Lent: Humility 3

The serpent bites deep;
venom lurks where least expected.
The heart has chasms, labyrinths, unknown even to itself.
What way out have we but to weep?

Deceitful beyond all things,
the heart’s lie is more twisted than you ever thought.
Good intentions pave Destruction’s road;
who will rid me of this body of death?

Follow the trail of tears;
enter the wilderness where, sweating blood, He kneels.
Kneel too beside Him, where spirit wills but flesh resists.
Word-made-flesh, His flesh transfigures humbled dust.

Catechism 14

Did God create us unable to keep his law?

No, but because of the disobedience of our first parents, Adam and Eve, all of creation is fallen; we are all born in sin and guilt, corrupt in our nature and unable to keep God’s law.

(New City Catechism)


The spirit is willing but the flesh languishes,

new laws created in place of old:

first, If you eat of this fruit you surely won’t die;

now, what I would do, I cannot do.


In the bone, this error: entwined

with the impulse behind flights to the sky,

yet sickened, wizened, good trees in bad soil,

good stunted and cast in wrong directions,


engines against the Almighty which,

in His will, could be engines of manifold grace,

but legacy bred too deep in the marrow

for any earthly good to remove.