Jesus never said a thing
without the ring
of action round his pricking words.
When he declared
that cheeks should turn
each time their other halves were spurned,
remember that his own cheek fared
worse than those he preached to. See,
when they were striking,
he was biting
each resisting word inside
his mouth. No, deeper still:
when called to walk the extra mile, no talk
but actions
              louder than
                       all holy words which can’t disguise or hide
the shallowness of tongues which bless
but fork with passive will.

Lent: Man of Sorrows 3

Obedience is a crown of thorns.
The earth’s the Lord’s;
He does as He pleases,
and it pleases Him to wear these thorns.

Joy set before Him, He endures;
joy not instantaneous, I yield.
Obedience is a crown of thorns,
and I despise this crown.

Go into the wilderness; see
all earth’s kingdoms laid at your feet.
The dilemma lies: your feet will crumble beneath the burden;
the true crown comes with thorns.

God does as He pleases and
it pleases Him to wear this crown.
Joy set before Him, He obeys;
the meek will take the earth.