To the odd square peg, the round hole said,
“You really just don’t understand;
The picture’s big, your needs are small.
Shape up, or else ship out.”

“The trouble is,” the round hole said,
“That pegs like you just don’t fit in.
Holes like this are not made of mes,
Nor is there I in TEAM.”

The odd square peg said, “Yes, I see;
But you once sought out pegs like me.”
The hole said, “Quite! Now take this saw
And shave until you’re round.”

To the odd square peg, the carpenter said,
“You are fearfully made.
I use the round to curve the square,
The square to shape the round.”

The odd square peg then saw the hole
And saw that it was good.
It chafed against him, but he stood
To shape, be shaped by it.