L is for learning, L is for Lent

This year I do not so much give up my temptations as face the temptation to give up. Perhaps it was so for the forty desert days when stone may have seemed a fair alternative to bread. Yet stones, when given the chance, can become a chorus of praise. So this year I teach stone:Continue reading “L is for learning, L is for Lent”

Lent 30: Thursday of Fourth Week

Look, the son comes; the farmers steam at the sight. The vineyard is theirs! He has no place. Stone the son; kill the heir. The vineyard is red with blood.   Look, the Son comes; the farmers quake at the sight. Rejected, now the cornerstone: the vineyard’s his. He takes His place. The blood-red SonContinue reading “Lent 30: Thursday of Fourth Week”