The Consolations of Lent

Comfort sits, unexpected, in our waiting with weakness. No giant leaps needed, only the baby steps of the heart slowly learning contrition. Begin with incapacity, then the slow-dawning knowledge that you are nothing but dust. Dust transfigures at His breath. Exhale in the sigh of your Lenten frailty. Then inhale, inspire. O brother in ourContinue reading “The Consolations of Lent”

Lent: Humility 2

Bow at His feet. You did not come here by yourself: your knees are weak and buckle under pride, and joints stiffen when left to self. The road is narrow. You must bend and bow to walk its curves; it will not bend itself for you and, puffed with knowledge, you will only make itContinue reading “Lent: Humility 2”

Lent: Emmaus 3

Too fast you walk down the mountainside; momentum gathers, yet of a false and fleeting kind. A fig tree full of leaves, but fruit sorely lacking, you see the glory but faint at the sight of blood. Slow down. It is a long road and your companion lingers; His death puts brakes on our downwardContinue reading “Lent: Emmaus 3”

Transfiguration Sunday

These are the words of the One who burns with all the fire of the morning star, who shines much whiter than the day in tabernacle flame. These are the words of the risen Son who was, who is, will ever be, the One who sees, who knows, who calls, the first, the last, theContinue reading “Transfiguration Sunday”