The Cornucopia of Heaven

We live in a graceless culture. Not a graceless world: every birdsong, every kindness, and every meal is a sign of God’s ongoing grace towards his creation. (Tim Chester, A Meal with Jesus)

Jan Brueghel the Younger - Allegory of Abundance
Jan Brueghel the Younger – Allegory of Abundance

Our world is rich with common grace, and is being transformed by God’s renewing grace in Jesus. The Cornucopia of Heaven is a new project of poems celebrating the riches of God’s grace in this world and in the church. Drawing from ancient liturgical prayers of the church and the sacred and celebratory music of Holst, Messiaen, Pärt, Bach and others, the poems form a sequence moving through the cycles of Christian worship, from adoration to confession to hopeful supplication. And, like the grace filling every moment of life points to the ultimate life to come, these poems look to that feast of plenty which God has in store for us. Come join me for the journey ahead.

Prayer of Preparation: After Gustav Holst, “Psalm 86”

Call to Praise: After Gustav Holst, “Psalm 148”

Canticle: After J.P. Sweelinck, “Venite Exultemus Domino”

Psalm: Birdsong, After Olivier Messiaen, “Catalogue d’Oiseaux”

Psalm: Lilies, After Antonio Vivaldi, “Spring II: Largo”

Psalm: Chorale, After J.S. Bach, “BWV 69: Lobe den Herrn”

Collects: Sparrows, After Knut Nystedt, “Prayers of Kierkegaard Pt. 3” and Anathallo, “Sparrows”

Psalm: Creation, After Joseph Haydn, “Die Schöpfung: Erster Teil”

Psalm: Come…, After Felix Mendelssohn, “Der 95. Psalm”

Canticle: Do Not Harden Your Hearts, After J.S. Bach, “Es reisset euch ein schrecklich Ende”

Confessional Hymn: After Gavin Bryars, “Cadman Requiem”

Kyrie Eleison: After Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, “Missa Papae Marcelli: Kyrie”

The Lord’s Prayer: After Otto Nicolai, “Pater Noster”

Prayers of Intercession: After Felix Mendelssohn, “Veni Domine”

Expectation: After J.S. Bach, “Ex Expecto Resurrectionem”

Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted, After Hammock, “Tres Domine”

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