Too Much Light: Poems for Advent and Christmas


What does it mean to have too much light?

In the northern hemisphere, this is a season of darkness, of longing for the light; and this perfectly fits Advent, for Advent is the season of waiting, of longing. It is the season when we remember Israel, 400 years in the silence and darkness, waiting for the promised Messiah to appear. It is the season when we too learn what it is to wait, and to rejoice amidst the waiting, sure of what light dawns at the end. And it is the season when we look ahead, not just to what Christmas reminds us of, but to the return of Jesus and the advent of His endless kingdom.

But in the southern hemisphere, where I live, the world is drenched in sun at this time of year. There is no space for longing, no openness to a different kind of light.

And so, in these Advent poems, I am looking at this excess of light, and at the hardness of our hearts, our inability to wait, or to know what it is that we are waiting for. It is easy to long for the light when it seems dark. But when we are drenched in a false light, we fail altogether to look for the light that will never fail.

Prepare the Way

Prepare Your Eyes

First Candle: Advent is Waiting

Prepare Your Ears

Prepare Your Feet

Second Candle: Advent is Slowing

Third Candle: Advent is Rising

Prepare Your Knees

Fourth Candle: Advent is Trusting

Prepare Your Crown

Christmas Candle

Christmas Monday

Shoots and Stumps

2 thoughts on “Too Much Light: Poems for Advent and Christmas

  1. Just discovering this. Too late for Advent, but not too late for 2015. Thank you for words that console and feed, Matt.

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