King of the Canopy (Third Sunday After Pentecost)

In the forest of trees,
They looked for a king
Mid the loftiest tree-tops
That scraped the canopy,
Where the eye soared to see;
They looked there for a king,
And staggered drunk to see
Such height there.
But the priest of the trees
Turned then to see
The lowliest sprig
On a tall cedar tree;
A sprig small and tender,
Mid the tallest of trees,
Which swayed far below
The canopy there.
Here is your king,
Said the priest of the trees,
Here is this sprig,
Your new king to be.
And the trees mocked and scoffed
And swayed in the breeze,
Staggering, drunk,
At the farce there.
Beware, said the priest,
The priest of the trees,
You may all see
With eyes turned towards
The loftiest trees in the canopy.
But the God of these trees
He does not see
As you and I see; not at all.
And the silence that fell
O’er the tree-tops and leaves,
That fell in the breeze
Of the canopy there,
Was a silence thick
With the hardness that fell
O’er the trees and their leaves
In the canopy.
The priest took the sprig,
The tenderest sprig;
You will be king,
He said to the sprig;
And all of the trees
Swayed dumb to see
The sprig rise and rise
To the canopy…
Some trust in chariots
Some trust in horses
Some trust in mountains
Some in their fortresses
Some trust in mustard seeds
Sown in their smallness
Soon grown to be
The tallest of trees
Some will collapse
Some will fall down
Some from the canopy
Straight to the ground
Some will be kings
Some will be fools
Some will be crowned
Some will be ruled
Some will seem fools
Fools for the king
And be crowned by Him
Who is truly the king
Some will fall down
At the feet of the king
Humbled from proud
By the humblest king
For we do not see
As the king always sees
And we do not think
As He always thinks
Our eyes are untrained
Our focus is slight
But soon we will see
In His brightest of lights
And then we will see
As He’ll make us see
And we will stand tall
Or fall down before
Our true king, unveiled
For all to see
And then we shall know
The true King of all
And the greatest of shrubs
From a small mustard seed
Will be in His courts
The prince among trees.


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