All Stations

5:18 – The frantic train,
All stations from North
Melbourne to Craigieburn.
Packed to overflowing,
Commuters cram,
A sea of black
Overcoats mingling,
Bursting as one;
Newspapers jamming
As doors slide shut,
A zip pulling tight
On an overfull seam.
5:21This train
Does not go all
The way to Craigieburn;
And so the carriages are
Comparatively clear:
Here the more
Patient ones who
Waited three
Minutes have more
Room to stand,
More space to sit,
Newspapers out
Before black scarves
Denoting the
Darkness of the season.
Puff-faced, one
Commuter breathes
In pants of deep relief.
5:28 – Another train,
The same thick crowd:
Those who missed
The last two trains, while
Schedules tapped
Impatient watches.
Staring at the tips of feet
And the outlines
Of their soles
Amid the ground,
They tap their feet
And stand, their shoulders
Almost adjoined
And hearts held
Feet-lengths apart.
5:36 – The express
To Moonee Ponds, it glides
And waits, busy
As it is, for neither
Man nor woman, child.
Eyes averted, no-one sees
The man who boards
And leaves each train,
Every station,
Hands and feet
Scarred in just
The tell-tale shape
Of crucifixion nails.

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