De Amore Dei (For Bernard of Clairvaux)

You want me to tell you why God is to be loved and how much. I answer, the reason for loving God is God Himself; and the measure of love due to Him is immeasurable love.
(Bernard of Clairvaux, On Loving God)

The honey-tongued doctor
With his gentlest words
And his stern rod of power
And his harshest decrees

Takes off now his face,
Flings it to the winds,
Not delighting in any
Of the gifts that he bears

But casting his gaze
To the wondrous delight
Of the God who twice made him
And carried his debt.

Listen now; listen – in the
Claire Vallée he’s singing,
And off in the distance
This truth is resounding:

That Jesus, more beautiful
Than all the world, is
The succour of all of our
Waning hearts’ wanting,

And this now is what
We are called to do:
To love God for His sake
And ourselves for Him too.

So Bernard’s voice drops off
And leaves only this:
That love in all of its
Degrees is found here

In the wide open arms
And the free-flowing wounds
Of the beautiful Lord
Who demands our love.

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