Ears, Hands and Eyes

Collating my poems so far, I have realised that there were a few days in the calendar which I missed. I am now going back to write the missing poems, and will post them, a little out of order, as I write them. This poem was written for the second Sunday of Easter.

Ears, Hands and Eyes

What ears have heard,
What eyes have seen,
What hands have touched,
What souls can know,

No mind can comprehend;

What words now spoken
Sound in ears,
What hearts are pierced
(As sides were pierced),
What hands have felt
Not touching sides:

My Lord, my God,
We bow.

What eyes have seen but not believed,
What blessed ones believe without
The gift of sight,
What God discloses
Now is known:

A new command I give to you.

What blessings flow like oil on
Our beards; what homes
We dwell in now.
What lives, what sights,
What hope, what hands,
What good-news-feet,

What trust our hands
What light our hearts
Have seen and hold;
What sight, what life,

What sight.

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