Treason and Obedience (For Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury and Martyr)

And those knights who approached the confused and disordered people who had been observing vespers but, by now, had run toward the lethal spectacle exclaimed in a rage: “Where is Thomas Becket, traitor of the king and kingdom?” No one responded and instantly they cried out more loudly, “Where is the archbishop?” Unshaken he replied to this voice as it is written, “The righteous will be like a bold lion and free from fear,” he descended from the steps to which he had been taken by the monks who were fearful of the knights and said in an adequately audible voice, “Here I am, not a traitor of the king but a priest; why do you seek me?”
(Edward Grim, Vitae S. Thomae, Cantuariensis Archepiscopi et Martyris, trans. Dawn Marie Haynes)

Live good lives among the pagans;
Let them praise our heavenly Father.
Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s;
Love and serve the King.

Let your speech with salt be seasoned;
Pray for those who persecute you.
Let not the law find fault with you;
Fear no evil; walk in light.

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s;
Live that they might praise.
But bow before no earthly master;
Live for your True King.

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