Diadem (First Sunday After Christmas)

As a bridegroom prepares himself for his bride:
Prepare your hearts; prepare the way.
As a bride adorns herself with jewels:
Know you will be made beautiful.
As the earth shoots forth its bountiful fruit:
You will be fertile with His joy.
As a garden springs up with the seed that is sown:
You who sow in tears will reap.

Zion, though you sit in ruins,
You will be raised up in song.
You who sit in deathly rags
You who sit in death’s dark valley
You whose hearts are worn and weary:
Clothe yourselves in joyful garments
Make your hearts ready for joy.
Let your hearts sing: Hallelujah…

As He sends His word to the earth
As He spreads His rain and snow
As He scatters hail and seed
As all His promises bear fruit:
We will be clothed in Him
We will bear His righteousness
He will name us; we will be
A diadem within His hands.

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