Above All Names (The Naming and Circumcision of Jesus)

Who is this child
whom angels name,
whose birth they sound
with trumpets loud,
who lies a baby,
helpless in
his parents’ hands
and yet is praised
by elders and
the heavens’ choir?

His name is Jesus, and He saves
His people from their sins.

Who are they,
His people, that
they should deserve
such kind mercy?
Who are they,
that they should see
a king born
unto them?

They are nothing, yet He reigns
That they may know His love.

What is man
that He, immortal,
should step down,
though very God,
and take our flesh
and then submit
to death, even
death on the cross –
When I consider
all these things –
the heavens and
His handiwork –
what is man
that He should bring
such honour
to his shame?

Bow before Him and adore
This God, made humble, lifted high.
Wonder at Him, praise Him with
Your humbled, awe-struck hearts.

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