Foolish (For Gregory of Nanzianzus and Basil of Caesarea, Bishops and Teachers)

I had wasted much time on follies and spent nearly all of my youth in vain labours, and devotion to the teachings of a wisdom that God had made foolish. Suddenly, I awoke as out of a deep sleep. I beheld the wonderful light of the Gospel truth, and I recognised the nothingness of the wisdom of the princes of this world.
(From a letter by Basil of Caesarea)

Some were caught in tides of knowledge
or thought themselves as kings,

and some kings set themselves against
the flood of truth from God

but He made all the world’s wise things
as fools beside the fools of God

and called all kings to lay down their crowns
and those with knowledge to love like Him;

He gave His fools the words to speak
and made their truth remain.

For those who trust the Three-In-One
find power and love wherever they turn

and those who trust in their own minds
will learn that they are fools.

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